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Craft Beer vs. Your New Years Resolution

For most of us the beginning of a new year is time for reflection. Resolutions are a common way to act on this reflection and change something that you are not satisfied with from the past year. An extremely common resolution is to lose weight. January is a time where hoards of people flock to the gym for the first time in probably months in order to make good on their resolutions and live healthier.

Working in the beer industry means I have to/want to drink quite a bit of beer. I’ve always been worried that it could catch up to me in the long run and have been curious as to how I could go about still enjoying craft beer while balancing a healthy lifestyle.

This is where Spencer Boyd comes in. Spencer is a lifelong friend of mine who is a personal trainer as well as a fellow blogger. I asked him a few questions on the relationship craft beer has with weight loss and healthy living. His point of view is interesting as he speaks from both a Personal Trainer and a craft beer fans point of view!

I hope this quick Q&A helps anyone trying to get healthier in 2020 without completely sacrificing their passion for craft beer!


Q: Is the beer belly a real thing?

A: Beer belly doesn’t exist.

The term stems from individuals who consume a lot of beer and coincidentally have a belly.

The only way a person can get fat around their midsection is overconsuming calories for a significant amount of time.

Beer isn’t inherently responsible for this

Q: Is it possible to lose weight while still enjoying craft beer?

A: Good news here for beer lovers!

Yes, you can lose weight while still enjoying beer!

In order to do so you have to be mindful of your caloric intake. Make sure that you can fit beer into your allotted daily caloric intake.


1)If you plan on going out with friends for dinner and having a couple beers, having a salad instead of the fries is a better option.

2)Eat less at breakfast and lunch than you normally would. That way your total calories you’ve ate throughout the day is lower than normal and you can afford to replace them with those saisons.

3)Don’t have a late night binge after drinking. Our body views alcohol as a  toxin and will primarily metabolize the alcohol before other calories. This means the calories from the food you eat will be more readily stored as fat. Simply put, avoid the 5 guys post beers

Q: As someone who is a personal trainer as well as a craft beer fan, do you have any tips on balancing your craft beer passion while still living healthy?

A: MODERATION is the answer.

In the short term, binge drinking will adverse effect the heart, kidneys, lungs, pancreas. IN the long term, can increase an individual’s risk for several cancers.. It can also increase one’s risk or exacerbate depression, anxiety and psychosis.

There is nothing wrong with having a beer with dinner or a few on the weekend with friends. However, excessively drinking on a regular basis will cause several issues.

If you’re looking for more health and fitness tips go check out Spencer’s website at and his Instagram @spencerboydfitness !

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